Monday, March 1, 2010

Watch how you sleep...

Its terrible that I'm posting this, but how funny is this. Sometimes you just fall alseep doing the "darndest" things!!! It's a good thing she's sooooooo dang cute!! I can only hope Brooklyn forgives me someday!!

Happy 12th Birthday Rachael

On February 11, 2010, Rachael turned 12 years old. She now attends young womens and is getting ready for 7th grade in the fall. Rachael loves to play the piano and the violin. She has a great talent in playing music, it seems to come easy to her. This year in 6th grade, she tried out for the student council and she made it. She has had the opportunity to be involved in lots of things the school has done including, making announcements, assemblies and the school carnival. Rachael loves to be involved in everything and she seems to always know whats going on with people around us (thats why we call her the neighborhood know-it-all!!). Its really funny!! Rachael has a great group of friend and loves to hang out with them. We love her and are so proud of all she does. Happy Birthday Rachael!!!

Cute Picts!!!

Here's cute pictures of Brooklyn and Samantha!! Ready for the winter and the snow!


Here's a great picture from our family Christmas party. There's Grandma & Grandpa Anderson, Aunt Nanny, Mom (Cathy), Uncle Mark and Uncle Paul. This is a great family picture!!

Here comes Santa...

I had to include this picture for a funny memory. I would never believe it unless I saw it and took a picture of it. We all went to the Kaysville Christmas Parade (then we walked to the Kaysvill Nativity). Only in Utah would you see a Santa sitting in a lazy boy recliner being pulled down Main Street and throwing candy!!! It was a fun light parade and they threw candy and i think we will probably go next year as well. Were crazy like that!!

Christmas 2009

Chirstmas seemed to come so fast this year. We did, however try and do as much as possible to make it a memorable holiday season. We went to the Temple Square lights and heard Karli sing in the missionary choir. That was wonderful and we were all so proud of her. We also went to the Kaysville Nativity, and the Ogden Lights and display, which was really neat, and FREEZING!!! Scott and Larissa and Greg all came up this year and we were all together. It was lots of fun! The boys of course took a trip up to the cabin to smowmobile and snowboard. We also made time for sledding. The big and little kids love to do this. The problem with being one of the big kids (meaning ME!!) is everything hurts more. I come flying down the hill and all I can think about is, "if I fall, its going to hurt!!!" Oh well... !!! We had a great time! We had a great Christmas season!!

Jeffs First School Dance

Jeff went to his first school dance last November. It was a girls choice and Keylee came and trashed his bedroom to ask him. They went in a large group of about 30 friends. This is a picture of Jeff and Keylee and Thomas (Jeffs friend) and his date. They had a great time!!